§ 2 Aim and role of the association


1. The association exclusively and directly pursues humanitarian charitable and not-for-profit aims in the sense of the section of the tax code on “aims which receive tax relief”. The association undertakes its actions selflessly; it does not in the first instance pursue its own economic ends.


2. It is the aim of the association to alleviate the suffering of people, mainly women and children, in all countries, as well as to support measures which safeguard and protect the rights of children. This takes place in particular through collaboration with others through:


a) Supporting women and children who are reliant on the help of others through their social situation or as a result of illness;


b) Providing assistance in emeregency situations such as in the case of long term lack of supplies;


c) Funding support for self-help initiatives to improve the living conditions predominantly of women and children in other coutries;


d) Supporting training measures, above all for children, young people and women; these activities should be aimed at enabling a self-reliant way of living;


e) Furthering an international outlook of tolerance in all areas of culture and understanding between peoples;


f) Working closely with different social groups should encourage particularly young people to become increasingly engaged in achieveing the goals mentioned above.